Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gag cartoons: the quickening

Peter Wyma
Sheer, c. 1959
Charles Dennis
Adam Annual, 1960
Bill Ward Adam, September 1963
Escapade, December 1964
Mermaid, c. 1959
Adam, October 1966
Monroe Leung
Adam, July 1967
There were two Monroe Leungs that were cartoonists at the same time, and I believe this hyperlink is to the other one.
Ace, January 1964
Bill Ward
Duke, June 1957
Duke was an African-American magazine and Ward was white. Notice how the faces of the men have been slightly altered.
Fun House, June 1979
Fun House,November 1980 Since Fun House was published by one of Magazine Management's many branches (which included Marvel Comics), most likely the last two cartoons were drawn decaded earlier and reprinted several times before this.
Man to Man, April 1952

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  1. Googling: cartoonist yrrah harry
    I came up with Harry Lammertink:

    Two cartoonists named Monroe Leung?
    Is that right?