Monday, March 27, 2017

Cracked #114, 3 of 3

The last of Cracked#114 from January 1974. The first two parts are here and here.

Bill Ward
Don Orehek
John Severin and Lo Linkert
Murray Ball
Charles Rodrigues
For those of you whole love to see “the process” (and I know that's all of you), here's the original for that.


  1. Murray Ball died earlier this month.
    That only leaves Don Orehek as the only surviving cartoonist from this issue of Cracked.
    (Though I'm not sure about Vic Martin/Victoriano Martinez - can't find anything about his birth/death.)

    1. CARACÙ (Art Pottier) is still alive and maintains an active Facebook account.

    2. Murray Ball's hyperlink is to his obit in NZ.

      I had no idea Art Pottier and Caracu were the same person. Thanks for that information. Any idea who Lugoze might have been?

      Vic Martin died about 20 years ago, according to someone I know who was at CRACKED then.

    3. Apologies for the late reply, Lugoze was the pseudonym of Chilean cartoonist Luis Goyenechea Zegarra. He was born in 1923, but I'm not sure if he's still among the living.