Monday, February 13, 2017

More Mad-Men era humor features

I have magazines with yet even more features that would probably go in humor magazines like Cracked and Sick if they weren't too risqué for the time, or they wouldn't be more appropriate (there was a lot of crossover with the same publishers). Many were gag features I could cut up and feature as just gag cartoons but for now I have enough for the next couple years.

Bachelor, March 1963. Mort Gerberg
Jem, January 1963.
Mr., August 1965. Charles Dennis
Spree, April 1959. Also Dennis
The Dude, May 1959. Funny how they mention cartoonists the reader's demographic wouldn't know or care about.
Man's Life, August 1970. Bill Ward
April 1959 True Men, April 1959. Frank Beaven

Why is it not so surprising a lot of these titles have the word “Men” in their title?
Sir Knight, circa 1958


  1. You sure that's Ward "In a Spin"?
    Looks a bit off-model to me.
    Someone doing their best to be a pseudo-Ward?

    1. I think you're right. It sort of looks like Vic Martin being told to draw like him.