Thursday, January 19, 2017

The last of the gag cartoon originals (for now)

I've run out of originals for the gag cartoons. Some of the captions may be a little light. Sorry about that. I have plenty that were printed though which I'll post in the coming weeks. Here's the last of what I have.

Bill Wenzel

Looks like it was done during the Korean War when all the men in the cartoons were made into soldiers and the artists would put where they were posted by their signature. Sometimes if they already used their full names, they would also put their ranks.
Bill Ward
Al Ellis's cartoon says “Miss Wilson, we are in a cold war with our competitors. As a result, the management of Love-Lee Bras has decided to issue a test ban on the use of their products by our employees. Now, to detect violations of the ban, we must insist on the principle of inspection.” Which was considered either too long or too... um... forward. The caption was changed to “Thanks to the womens-lib front, our sales are sagging”, which doesn't make much sense considering the bar on the graph chart is going upwards.
Charles Dennis
The upper left has the address for Visual Varities Inc. There's probably a shopping mall there now, so don't bother going there, which I know almost all of you will do.

The caption says“Now that you're officially retired, Sanders, I know there are things you always wanted to do.”

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