Monday, January 23, 2017

Sick #91, 1 of 3

Another Monday, another issue of Sick, this issue is #91 from July 1972. The cover is by Joe Simon.
Inside front and back cover of the issue.
People younger than me always give me a blank look whenever I make a reference to All In the Family or Archie Bunker. When I explain it to them, they find it hard to believe the show ever existed. You could never have such a show now. Today it's just remembered as a show about a guy who calls his son-in-law a Meathead and has a wife who sings badly, but it would still shock today. The first few episodes were mainly about “white flight”, and a typical show had ethnic slurs that could never be aired now, even when taken back. It's dated in that even as late as the early seventies, acknowledging a house has a bathroom or showing a married couple sharing a bed, or even anyone saying the word “sex”, was considered dirty for TV, but it's nothing you'd think twice about if it were in a Pixar movie. It's the racial humor that's somewhat more shocking now, even though it's making fun of prejudice.
The pictures of Nixon are from previous issue. Don't know if I mentioned this before, but I have the hunch there was a tight budget for the magazine, considering most of the articles either didn't have artists or were reprints.
John Costanza

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