Monday, January 2, 2017

In lieu of actual humor magazines

Here's more pages of humor articles from the sex magazines in lieu of the regular humor magazines I've been posting regularly. From After Hours #4 in 1957. The cartoons are by Cal Massey, Charles Dennis, Bob Tupper, and I think someone who usually signs his work “DeCarlo”
Mike Thaler, who I remember as a local children's author as a kid, did this strip in The Gent in October 1963.
High, November 1958
Oh Wicked Wanda! by Frederic Mullally and Ron Embleton was kind of Penthouse's answer to Little Annie Fanny. There was a collection of the strips in the mid-seventies that was reprinted in Kramer's Ergot a few years ago. This is from Penthouse in October 1978.

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