Monday, December 26, 2016

Humor features

Combing through mens magazines looking for gag cartoons I noticed a lot had humor features like one might find in MAD, though usually more “adult”. Here are some.

From an issue of Fun House sometime in 1980, though this was done sometime in the sixties. Fun House was one of many titles Magazine Management had that recycled gags,captions, and photos, for decades. Pussycatwas even collected . Not sure who the final artist was but its possible Bill Ward or Wallace Wood might have been involved in the breakdowns.
Mort Gerberg, from Hi-Life, August 1964
Jem, July 1963. By Charles Rodrigues
Mister Cool, circa 1961.
Monsieur, September 1965.
Art Cumings, Penthouse, October 1978


  1. The inks on "Pussycat" look like Jim Mooney to me...

  2. I was going to say that I saw John Romita Sr. in the faces.