Monday, November 7, 2016

Sick #31, 1 of 3

Here was America at its Sickest in September 1964. Under a cover by Jack Davis.
Surfing the internet, you can sometimes find the originals for some things, like this here.
Joe Simon
In this piece by Paul Laikin and Gray Morrow, the contents page says:

They made a complete fuss about Shakespeare's birthday, but completely overlooked Longfellow's birthday, No party, no gifts, not even a card... Well, Henry Wadsworth, we haven't forgotten. You may not be as big as Shakespeare, but remember you haven't been as dead as long either. Wait a few years...
Bob Powell
Contents again:Motlotlehi Moshoeshoe 2nd, the paramount chief of Basutoland in the future would be known as Lesotho. It's about time they changed the name. We wondered why they waited so long. It will open up a new world for Basutoland. Lesotho is more concise, easier to remember and more authoritative. So, congratulations, Basutoland—we mean Lesotho. Now if Motlotlehi Moshoeshoe will change his name, that will really swing.You can't count too heavily on write-ins..
Cartoons by Bob Tupper,Bob Weber, and others.
Angelo Torres
Arnoldo Franchioni

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