Monday, September 12, 2016

Sick #84, 1 of 3

This here is the first part of Sick #84 (or as they say, volume 11, number 4) from June 1971.

First is the cover. They liked to make fun of Spiro Agnew. The contents page blurb tells us:
This months cover painting is by JACK SPARLING. The original is now hanging in the SICK office. Not the painting—the original JACK SPARLING!
Also on the contents page were more of their favorite targets: Ringo Starr, Tiny Tim, and Michael J. Pollard.
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice was always being satirized in these magazines. It's one of those 70s movies I've only seen evidence of there and I'm convinced their staff made them up.
Obligatory Ripley's Believe It or Not parody.
Text-only piece to make up for their inability to pay for much art.
John Costanza

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