Monday, August 15, 2016

Sick #85, 2 of 3

Counting the number of dated gags here is like those games they have at carnivals where you have to guess the amount of jelly beans are in a jar. The following pages are from Sick #85 From August 1971. The previous few were posted last week here.

This piece was drawn by Jack Sparling
These were some of the celebrities of the time. Only two are still alive today.
More borderline kiddie porn (though technically Little Orphan Annie was in her 30s)
Like I said last week. The budget didn't seem to allow for much new artwork, as noted by using art from other articles.

Bonus: See if you can guess what would be illegal here. Hint: The very same thing was in the news this very week (I believe I'm in the clear since everyone involved is now dead.)
John Costanza
The Andromeda Strain

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