Saturday, July 9, 2016

Magic Whistle Radio Hour 81

Things I've collected over the years or acquired on mixtapes and comps or gathered from the internet or the library or my parents' attic. The different sources are the reason for the volume disparity. I make no claims to "discovering" or "owning" anything. Probably neither do you. It's whatever I feel like playing that week. Every Saturday. No repeats. Things that may or may not be familiar. Who knows? Past weeks here too. Just type "Audio" in the search engine. Or if you're too lazy to press a button more than once, here's everything from 2015 and up to July 2016. You don't get the all playlists, though. You can right-click this if you want to save a zip file of this one (containing an mp3 of the file) for later. Here what information I was able to find:

0:00 LOUIS PRIMA- When You're Smiling
3:58 MAD MYSTERY RECORD- Super-Spectacular Day 7 (1979)
   seventh version of song with eight different endings, part of flexi-disc inside MAD Super-Special

4:46 STUBBY & THE BUCCANEERS- Money, Marbles, and Chalk (1949)
7:22 DAVEY CRACKPOT & THE MEXICAN JUMPING BEANS- No Boom-Boom In Yucca Flats (1955)
   Spike Jones under a pseudonym
10:00 MARTIN DENNY- Quiet Village (1959)
13:26 ROY CLARK- The Lawrence Welk/Hee Haw Counter-Revolution Polka (1972)
18:28 JOSEF MARAIS- Stellenbosch Boys (1939)
20:00 TRAILER- The Lonely Woman
   also known as Mortal Sin, 1973

20:56 THE CURTAIN CALLS- Sock It To Me Sunshine (1968)
23:02 THE PARAMOUNTS- Shedding Teardrops (1964)
25:17 WHISTLING BOB HOWE & FRANKIE GRIGGS- The Coldest Stuff In Town (1935)
28:26 THE MAJORS- Tra La La (1963)
30:30 THE PHIL PHILLIPS- The Evil Dope (1968)
34:02 WILLIE BRYANT- Chimes At the Meetin' (1935)
37:05 RODD KEITH- My Twin And I
   from LP I Like Yellow Things

40:36 THE SATELLITES- My Piggy's Gotta Dance (1958)
42:26 THE MOVE- Flowers In the Rain (1968)
44:33 ALBERTA HUNTER- You Can't Tell The Difference After Dark (1936)
47:31 THE REVELS- Midnight Stroll (1959)
50:05 BLACK FLAG- TV Party (1981)
53:36 MEL BLANC- Bugs Bunny And the Pirate (1956)

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