Monday, May 2, 2016

Sick #16, 2 of 4

Here's the second part of this issue of Sick from October 1962. The last part was here.
Art here probably by Bob Powell

The contents page says of this article:

Sick Clark has just signed a four-year contract with ABC-TV. Now he's waiting for THEM to sign.
Apologies for the racism you are about to see.
This was only seventeen years after the war ended. They were either trying to push the envelope or maybe they just weren't thinking.

As an overworked blurb writer says of this:

An exclusive interview with Adolf Hitler...He's changed his name to conceal his identity—Now, he calls himself Frank Hitler.
Usually parodies of MAD were written by former disgruntled staffers. This is probably no exception. “Bob Guy” is most likely not a real person. It was also before Jack Davis had gone back to them.

My theory is sort of hinted at in this blurb:

What happens at the editorial meetings of that other humor magazine, “Field and Stream”... They discuss the writers who got away.

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