Thursday, April 7, 2016

An out-of-town tryout

More originals for 'dirty' magazines from the50s and 60s,
Frank Beaven a/k/a “Joker” or “Rekoj”
Caption by seller of the art
They'd reuse these cartoons again and again with different captions. The handwritten one says “I'm the building inspector, lady, we're checking all the floors for stress.”.

It's weird that he's the one talking when she's the one with her mouth open.
I can't read this.
Reamer Keller
I'm guessing from the white-out different magazines had different amounts of permissiveness.

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  1. The shower gag with the welcome mat looks like it might be one of Hank Ketcham's ghosts. Doesn't look like Wiseman or Fitzgerald, but definitely in a Ketcham style.