Thursday, March 24, 2016

More gag originals

This cartoon byBill Ward says “Of course they're the real thing, Veronica, and I hope it's the real thing between the two of us.”. Crossed out is “ wouldn't do to have anything false just there!”
I don't understand why the artist ruled the caption when the lettering wasn't going to be used.
Caption added by the seller of the art.
Frank Beaven
Dan DeCarlo

“Can I have the keys to the car? I'm leaving you.”

or “I answered the advertisement under Equal Opportunity; didn't you have a room for rent?”
Dave Berg

“When you aked me to come up for an audition I didn't believe it would be for this kind of tape.”

or “Well, as a student of history, I'd say that this is your last full measure of devotion.”
Bill Wenzel
Leo Garel
“They must be college men. Look how they're watching the game.”

and later they use “This proves my theory that most men enjoy spectator sports—notice their interest in that football game.”

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