Thursday, March 10, 2016

Men's Originals

More originals of gag cartoons I've found here and there on the internet.

An editor often bought cartoons without captions and added one later upon publication. Here the seller acquired originals without captions so added one of their own.
One of the captions says “Well, I received my degree, now I'm prepared to go out and learn something.”

Another says “I'm not losing a moment, Dad. I was voted most likely to succeed!”
Louis Priscilla
Jack Lohr
Bill Wenzel
Charles Dennis
Frank Beaven
Dan DeCarlo
The caption is either “Gosh, Frank, you'd think they would give the seed a chance to germinate.”
or “Gosh, Frank, how far do they really go on this geology bit?”

The “freshly seeded” may have been added by an editor as well.
Jefferson Machamer

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