Thursday, February 25, 2016

Popular Jokes, 7 of 7

The final part of the gag cartoons from the August 1965 issue of Popular Jokes. Information about the magazine can be found in the previous installments, which can be located somewhere in the archives on the right.
Stanley Stamaty
The rest are originals I've found online. The caption here in pencil says “Your husband is a scream, Helen.”
I'm pretty sure this is a variation on “Joker/Rejok”, One of Frank Beaven's aliases.
Reamer Keller
I had thought “Rayon” was one of Frank Beaven's pseudonyms, but there was a cartoonist whose name was Stanley Rayon.
I still think this was Beaven, though.
Bill Wenzel

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  1. Yes, the RE is just a shortened version of REKOJ and is indeed an alias of Frank Beaven