Monday, December 7, 2015

Yell #3, 1 of 4

Another humor magazine I came upon from September 1966, sort of like MAD and the like but without the budget.
The magazine was edited by sometime MAD writer Sy Reit, who probably also wrote much of the material himself.
As you will see in the following pages and weeks to come, hardly any money is spent, as most of the magazine relies on stock photos and text pieces (and some pages with large margins which I cropped).
Whoever was in charge of pricing at the store where I bought this must not have looked inside, since they probably wouldn't have put this in the dollar bin if they knew it contained early work by Robert Crumb.

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  1. This was a pleasant surprise.

    This particular mag only lasted 4 issues.

    Arnoldo Franchioni and Bill Kresse (I think?) were also contributors.