Thursday, December 3, 2015

Snappy, part 5

The next to last part of the July, 1956 issue (#15) of Snappy, one of the gag digests of Humorama, one of the branches of Magazine Management that recycled its cartoons for at least three decades.

The first cartoon here is by Bill Wenzel
Dan DeCarlo


  1. Herc = Jack Ficklin (1911-1980), editorial cartoonist for the Dallas News and, of course, magazine cartoonist.

  2. I liked that C. Stanley cartoon.
    Certainly not the most polished artist of these cartoonists,
    but his style did stick out from the rest of them. And I kinda enjoyed looking at his work.

  3. I like this batch. Many of these seem to not have gags, just an excuse to draw some juicy girls. What was the life of one of these cartoonists like? I'm thinking about like the guy who did lockhorns, didn't he do these kind of strips for a long time first? Did guys who drew for 2nd and 3rd tier mags make enough to cover rent?

    1. As far as I know, these were sold as drawings with the captions added by editors and reused over 30 years which is why the cartoons continued to appear in print after the artists went on to bigger things or died. The artists weren't paid each time they were printed though. I think they started with the New Yorker, trying to sell gags there, then Playboy, then further down along the line of respectability. I doubt editors even noticed if the gags were sold to more than one place. Because they didn't write the gags themselves, they were able to have a larger output. Money also went a lot further then than it does now. Many had syndicated strips at a time when there were dozens of newspaper syndicates. It was easier to own a house, pay expenses, etc.