Monday, September 7, 2015

Sick #77, 1 of 3

Here we go with another issue of Sick magazine from August 1970 back when everybody was shooting heroin and throwing molotov cocktails.

Cover by Jerry Grandenetti
Inside front and back cover of Abbie Hoffman
Masthead full of mostly made-up names to make it look like more people were working there.
This parodies Arlo Guthrie except that it made him an African-American for some reason. It's possible they only knew who he was from a photo and weren't sure.

Steve Skeates and Jared Lee were real people, though.
Normally I don't post the letters pages but since this one was so full of made-up letters and gag cartoons (by Mal Hancock) I felt I should.

Arnoldo Franchioni
Don Orehek

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  1. I have this one buried in a box somewhere. Nice to see it up in a format which actually encourages me to read it again after all these decades. Yippies! Yikes!

    Rip Off :)