Monday, June 1, 2015

Sick #48, 3 of 3

Sick#48, 3 of 3 The last of Sick #48 from November 1966.

Since the published a few other magazines they always had a few gag cartoons to use as page filler if necessary.
Paul Laikin was one of the few writers to get credit.

As the contents page says in its blurb on this article:

“Another gripping magazine parody—you'll want to hold it tight and shake your fist! This parody salutes the men and women who travel to remote corners of the earth—not to teach natives but to find better places to neck!”

An example of humor magazines at their most...uh...colonial.
Spotlight on Bob Taylor

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  1. "Paul Laikin was one of the few writers to get credit."

    Well, of COURSE he got credit - he edited the damn thing, after all!

    On a different note, I had thought B.K. Taylor was still a high school senior when he started contributing to Sick. He looked / looks much younger than his age would tell you (b. 1943).