Monday, June 15, 2015

Sick #45, 2 of 3

Here's more from Sick #45 from June 1966.

Here's what the contents page had to say about “More Poems of the Great Society” (what then-president Lyndon Johnson called the era), illustrated by Arnoldo Franchioni:

“Soul-stirring poems of today, written in blank verse—it happens to rhyme, but reading them you'll say it's the blankest verse you've ever seen. These poems are certain to inspire you to greater heights—you'll want to go up to the roof and jump off!
Stills from Girls On the Beach
Contents: ”A career-planning guide for a career in a field you gotta be crazy to get into today—a field so overspecialized they've now got double-decker couches for split personalities! We guarantee that reading this article will either make you a full-fledged psychiatrist—or send you running to one!”
I couldn't scan the middle, but Napoleon's sign just says “Napoleon Bonaparte 4F”
That was the centerfold, also drawn by Arnoldo “Francho” Franchioni. Here are the celebrities depicted:

(1)Nelson Rockefeller, (2)Richard Burton and (3)Elizabeth Taylor, (4)Sean Connery, (5)Charles DeGaulle, (6)Nikita Krushchev, (7)Santa Claus, (8)Lassie, (9)Robert Kennedy, (10)?, (11)Soupy Sales, (12)The Beatles, (13)Jackie Gleason, (14)Barry Goldwater, (15)Dean Martin, (16)Mia Farrow or Nancy Sinatra?, (17)Frank Sinatra, (18)racist caricature, (19)Ed Sullivan, (20)Jackie Mason, (21)Yogi Berra?, (22)Napoleon Bonaparte, (23)Dick Clark? Likenesses weren't Franchioni's strong suit. Maybe (24) was someone named “Jack” that was competition for the Beatles?, (25)Fidel Castro, (26)Hubert Humphrey, (27)Cassius Clay.

I wasn't born until three years later so feel free to correct me or fill holes.

Of the 25 that are real and that I can identify, 8 are still alive.
I'm not sure who drew that, but here was the original art for it.
Art for this was by Jack Sparling
And here was the original for that, unless you count tracing someone's breast with a ball-point pen on the printed page to be “original art”.

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