Monday, June 8, 2015

Sick #45, 1 of 3

Despite what it says on the cover, this was the 45th issue of Sick magazine for June 1966.

The contents page's description of the cover had this to say:

“Ye editor, JOE SIMON, who drew the cover, had to pose for it himself. Everybody he asked to pose said they needed it like a hole in the head.”
Often their contents page had gag cartoons purchased by one of the company' other magazines.
Parody of TV show Big Valley illustrated by Angelo Torres.

The contents page says it's “A gripping parody of a grappling TV series, this show really captures the Old West—and proceeds to beat it to death! The series is big and sprawling—especially when the leading lady, Barbara Stanwyck, forgets to put on her girdle!”
And here's the original art to that page.
And the original art here.
Art by George Tuska

The contents page was most likely written before seeing the articles inside. I say this because it refers to this as 'The Origin of Comicman'. It also says: ”A true account of one of the beginnings of the great adventure comic book heroes of our time—an account which will set him back to where he started! We won't tell you who we're parodying—but this story will drive you bats!”
And here's the original art for that last page.

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