Monday, December 1, 2014

Sick #38, 1 of 3

I think I may have one of the largest collections of Sick magazine in the United States, though I only have about 15 issues. I talked to someone from Canada once who I think has a complete collection. Of all the humor magazines, they are the hardest to come by. Once in a while I check e-Bay and there hardly seem to be many there. Plenty of Mad, Cracked, and even Crazy, though, and they're mostly from the 90s. The big question is: Would I want them? The biggest regret in life is that when ""they started renovating Times Square, they tore down a used bookstore that had tons of issues of old magazines, such as Sick that they were letting go for 50 cents to a dollar and I didn't take advantage of it. My friend Michael Kupperman did and even wrote a book about it. Oh well.

This is issue #38 from August 1965.

The covers were regularly drawn by Jack Davis and when he left, their art director Joe Simon took over to draw like him.
The inside front covers were usually some kind of photo caption.
Bob Powell
Parody of The Addams Family by Angelo Torres
Arnoldo Franchioni
Vic Martin

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