Saturday, December 27, 2014

Magic Whistle Audio Elucidation 1

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I've run out of books about the history of comics. I could reduce the number of blog postings from four a week to three, or I could have something else I post every Saturday.

Hence, The MAGIC WHISTLE AUDIO ELUCIDATION. The musical equivalent to the comic and magazine pages I've been putting up the past few years. It's not really a podcast since I'm not talking on it myself or using any sound equipment to speak of. It's sort of DJing I guess. I take no credit for “discovering” anything here. It's closer to mixtapes than anything else. But here's what I'll be putting here every Saturday. Or if anyone thinks during the middle of the week is better I'll move it. I don't know if people look at my blog daily or weekly or what. Saturday seems to get the most hits but I don't know if it's because it's usually when I have something with nudity or because it's Saturday. I have the feeling the visual and audio portions of this blog won't have 100% overlap regardless. Anyway, here's the first one, mostly novelty and pop songs from before I was born. If you right-click this text you can download it to listen to offline.

In case you're interested, here's the playlist with hyperlinks to any pertinent information:

BRUCE CULVER- Square Record (1958)
BUGS BUNNY- We're the Boys In Chorus
   from “What's Up, Doc” (1950)

    You'll notice you have to turn the volume up for anything not meant exclusively for audio. If anyone knows how to make things like this louder (with the limited equipment built into my computer) let me know.
VICTORIA SPIVEY- How Do They Do It That Way?
   w/Red Allen's New York Orchestra, 1929
PIGMEAT MARKHAM- Your Wire's Been Tapped
THE SURFSIDERS- Surfin'(1965)
SMILEY SMITH- I Wish I Had a Draft Card
   The two sides to the Vietnam war were not only fought domestically by protests but through novelty records
THE FRANTICS FOUR- Down By the Old Mill Stream (1960)
   from Sesame Street, 1973
THE SULTANS- Lemon Squeezing Daddy (1951)
   written by Eden Ahbez
FELIX FIGUEROA- Pico And Sepulveda (1947)
MARTHA RAYE- Ooh, Doctor Kinsey (1955)
CHRISTOPHER GUEST- Flash Bazbo, Space Explorer
   from National Lampoon Radio Hour, 1974
    People my age remember the magazine as an R-rated Mad for teenage boys to ogle and snicker at when it started out intending to be anything but that. In its first five years they were closer to The Onion or maybe even South Park. Not all of it ages well 40 years later but at one time before its humor was co-opted by Saturday Night Live it was more relevant. Sort of how instead of the godfather of stand-up comedy, Bob Hope is remembered as an old man who did out of touch TV specials.

FAYE RICHMOND- My Pussy Belongs To Daddy (1957)
   Just in case it wasn't clear this was supposed to be dirty:

MEATMEN- One Down, Three To Go (1983)
   When asked about it, they said they actually liked The Beatles but just thought this was funny. People have asked if I did this cover and if I did I would have been 13. My guess is one of the band members did.
JEANNIE HAYES- Contact Lenses
   from Fink Along With Mad, 1963
BARBARA STANWYCK- Take It Off The E String
   from Lady of Burlesque, 1943
LOUIS JORDAN- You Broke Your Promise (1949)
FATS WALLER- You Run Your Mouth, I'll Run My Business
THE PLAYBOYS- Whatizit? (1958)
BABS GONZALES- House Rent Party (1956)
   a/k/a Tennessee Ramblers, vocals by “Betty Lou”
OSCAR BRAND- Humoresque
   from LP Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads Vol.3, 1956
HORACE HELLER- Ed's Place (1959)
FINK MUNKCX 4-Coffee, Tea, or Me

Sorry I can't put the artists under the labels below as well, since there's not enough room.

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