Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sick # 57, 2 of 2

I probably should invest in a flash drive.

When I commute back and forth between Woodstock and New York City, I don't always bring this particular laptop with me, the one that has all the images for my blog. I have a weird schedule for posting things and right now I'm trying to get back on that schedule to catch up on the things I post here. This is the second part of the 57th issue of Sick from December 1967, or “19-Sick-ty-Seven”, as they would probably say. I posted the first part last Sunday.

Written by Paul Laikin and illustrated by Bob Taylor.
Bernard Wiseman
Harry “The Professor” Borgman
Bob Powell
They used gag cartoons with their text pieces. Here was another that went with their Sick Classick-fried Ads
back cover

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