Monday, August 18, 2014

Cracked 97, 3 of 3

Here's the third and final installment of Cracked #97. The previous postings are here and here.

I'd like to thank everyone for not hanging me for the racist post I put up last week. I took it down because of all the news events this past week. It wasn't typical of the material Cracked usually printed. There was a huge spike in hits on my blog and that's probably the reason why. Maybe when things are different I'll put it up again.

But enough of the chit-chat. Here's the rest of the issue starting with this piece by John Severin.
Bill Ward using the pen name “McCartney” he'd use for non-girlie work.
Normally I don't censor stuff but again I thought it best not to use the sixth panel involving a joke about Muhammad Ali that refers to the centerfold I posted and then removed last week. I apologize on behalf of Cracked.

The art here is by Vic Martin
I don't know why Hitler and Patton are referenced here when they both died more than twenty-five years before this was published. Maybe it was a reference to the George C. Scott portrayal of Patton?
Bill Kresse
Charles Rodrigues
parody of ads for Canadian Club whiskey

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  1. Always loved those Sagebrush comic strips by Severin