Monday, July 21, 2014

Hot Rod Cartoons, 3 of 4

Here's some more from this issue.
Parody of Get Smart by Hank Hinton

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  1. Need to add Hank Hinton to the labels.
    As JAy Lynch once said, " Hank Hinton would have become a great underground cartoonist...but instead, he got a high paying gig doing cartoons for the L.A. Times...and didn't have the time to mess with the new, speculative underground comix back then. But regardless of that...He is still one of the best cartoonists. And that Charlie Charisma stuff was incredible satire, even though it ran in a traditional men's mag of the era [Cavalier] instead of a cutting-edge outlaw publication."

    He did become a well-respected illustrator and is still around at