Thursday, July 10, 2014

Comic Art here in America

Again from the chapter from the book Comic Art in America from 1959 by Stephen Becker, part of a chapter entitled A Century of Magazines: From Corny Almanacks to The New Yorker. All cartoons from the New Yorker unless otherwise noted.

Charles Addams, 1954
William Steig, 1952
Barney Tobey, 1954
Garrett Price, 1942
George Price, 1952
Sam Cobean, 1947
Cobean, 1950
Cobean, 1949
Cobean, 1952
Cobean, 1952
As per the captions in the book:

The breadline as seen by REGINALD MARSH in 1930. This was hardly comic art; it was an extension of the magazine cartoon into the area of social comment.
Another breadline, seen a bit differently but no less effectively by ALEXANDER KING in Americana, December 1932.
Eldon Dedini, 1959
Charles Elmer Martin, 1951
Chon Day, 1953
Richard Taylor, 1941
Claude Smith, 1953

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