Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sex To Sexty originals

Now the reason for the “I understand and wish to read this blog” entrance to this blog, though I'm not sure how it keeps non-mature viewers out, unless that's to absolve Blogger in a lawsuit.

Sex To Sexty was a gag magazine in the seventies that just had a bunch of jokes and gag cartoons pasted together with cardboard covers. I think it sold mostly at truck stops and adult bookstores. A lot of the artists were either anonymous or used pseudonyms.

Here are some of the originals I've found for some of the cartoons.
One of the artists who instead hid behind aliases when doing all-ages stuff like Cracked. Bill Ward, who started in the 40s as a cartoonist for humor comics, became one of the most prominent adult humor artists.
Sexual harassment was a very common theme in a lot of these cartoons. Lilly Ledbetter would not approve.
This looks like Bill Hoest to me.
The caption seems to be lost in this cartoon by the late Morrie Turner.
Pierre Davis did most of the covers for the magazine.
Bill Wenzel
Looks like Reamer Keller, or maybe George Lichty
Charles Dennis

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