Saturday, February 22, 2014

Great Cartoons of the World VII, part 8

These are more excerpts from the seventh annual volume of Great Cartoons of the World from 1973.

The first cartoon by William Steig was in the New Yorker.

In the foreword, editor John Bailey describes what the contributors look like (previous examples can be seen in previous installments):

Steig is a true intellectual in the physical form of a dockworker. He is mainly surprising—he looks tough, but he is gentle and civilized. He never speaks without expressing his sense of humor, most often with some detectable ironic twist. Nothing about the artist's following of the artist being an avid follower of orgone therapy. On the other hand, there are and were several cartoonists that believed in all sorts of medical, religious, and political quackery but it usually doesn't spill into their work.
Vahan Shirvanian, also in the New Yorker.
Mischa Richter
Bruce Petty
Vladimir Renčin in Dikobraz
James Stevenson
Charles Elmer Martin
Edward Koren
Hans Moser
Whitney Darrow, Jr.
The final two were drawn by John Glashan.

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