Saturday, February 15, 2014

Great Cartoons of the World Series 7, part 7

Here is the seventh part of the book Great Cartoons of the World, Series 7 from 1973.

Chon Day in The Saturday Evening Post
Guillermo Mordillo
Charles Elmer Martin
Vlasta Zábranský for Rohác
Charles Addams for the New Yorker.This cartoon isn't that different from what's been going on in Brooklyn for the past ten years.

Editor John Bailey writes of the cartoonist in the introduction to the book:

The fascinating thing is, one cannot tell before meeting him whether an artist will be like his work, or will not be. Charles Addams does look slightly sinister, but the moment he speaks you realize he is not going to behead you. He is gentle and cultivated, and his creeping creatures are strictly the creation of his genuine spooky imagination.
Hans Moser
Donald Reilly for The New Yorker
Jean-Jacques Sempé for Editions Denoël
Pit Grove
Adolf Born for Dikobraz
Whitney Darrow, Jr.

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