Monday, January 20, 2014

Paste and all

Here's more of the original art I've been finding on the internet, mostly from Heritage Auctions:

This piece is by John Severin from Cracked #9 in May 1959.
The printed version from Cracked #13 by Don Orehek be seen here.
This is something called “Travel” by Bill Everett in Cracked #2, used again in #14.
The artist here is unknown. It's from Cracked #18.
And this is the way the article appeared in print, with the text that fell off the originals.
The next five is from unknown issues of Sex To Sexty in the 70s.

In this one by Lynn Harrison, The “Mr. Ward” here is probably an in-joke referring to fellow sex cartoonist Bill Ward
Frank Sematones"
“Deacon” was a pseudonym of editor Richard Rodman.
The rest are from various issues of Sick magazine.

Not sure if this is the same Bernie Kahn that wrote some of the made-for-TV Popeye cartoons in the mid 60s.
Bob Powell

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