Monday, January 6, 2014

Original Art

I've been collecting scans of original art. Not the art itself, but stuff I've come across on the internet. I like seeing paste lines and editorial markings.

This is the original for Medical Specialists by Joe Maneely from Cracked #3, July 1958.
This is also from Crackedin 1958, a comic by Bill Ward from #4 parodying Sophia Loren. There are markings from it having been reprinted in later issues using the same art.
The next few cartoons are from the long-running Sex To Sexty magazine. The first one is by Lynn Harrison
Woody Kimbrell
Bob Zahn
Here was the back cover to Sick magazine #2 by Leo Morey.
This isn't an original, but here was the front.
This original for the cover to Sick #3 can be found here.
And this was the back cover for Sick #4.

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