Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Barnyard Comics #30, 1 of 2

Here's the first part of Barnyard Comics #30 from July 1950. The publisher, Standard Comics, was also known as Better, Nedor, and Pines, and the indicia was different anyway. Most comics publishers had different names to get around loopholes in tax and mailing laws.

They didn't with this title, but many of Standard's titles began with #5. At one time there were so many comic books dealers didn't even bother to put everything on display, and rather than start with #1 someone decided they were more likely to be displayed if they gave the illusion that they'd been published for a while.

Many of these funny animal comics didn't have signatures.
Not sure which existed more as cartoon tropes, the penny-farthing bicycle, or the sports stadium only barricaded by planks of wood.

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