Monday, December 2, 2013


Here we go, gang, with another issue of Crazy (I'm trying to sound like the introductions to their articles) from December 1981. (Maybe I need to used deliberately misspelled clauses that are supposed to suggest an accent like “howcum” or “whyizzit”).

I remember seeing Superman II but I don't remember New York being on fire like in this Bob Larkin cover , though I'll admit I haven't seen it in about 30 years. I do remember that I've never seen garbage eat garbage before.
The inside cover usually had a wordless strip by Jack Sparling, just like my own Scene But Not Heard.
Mary Wilshire
Animation by Steve Mellor's Kinetic Kids made from flipping the pages back and forth.
From a strip called “Night of the Living Hand”. A recurring feature was the Finger Family, a fumetti with characters made from photos of hands.
Kovacs was probably a pseudonym for Dave Manak who needed to use a pen name while working for Mad at the same time. I could be wrong about that, though I know it was not Ernie Kovacs as erroneously stated by the Grand Comics Database. He was not a cartoonist and died twenty years earlier.
One of many parodies they did of M*A*S*H.
Though an important executive at DC Comics now, Mike Carlin's first work was pages for Crazy.
Don't quote me, but I think Dick Codor, who did this spoof of the Aamco commercials, may have also been an alias.

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