Monday, November 18, 2013


This was the cover of the September 1981 issue of Crazy. The cover showcases their parody of Any Which Way You Can, the sequel to Every Which Way But Loose
Besides their recurring character Teen-Hulk, they introduced the character of Baby Hulk, most likely to have a trademark on both.
Here's their parody of Any Which Way You Can.
This issue introduces the character of Dirk McGurk, who writes bad book reports and school papers. It was probably created so readers would feel good about themselves, or maybe so editors could fill up pages without having to draw.

In real life this would get a D. No matter how bad a report is, no teacher I know would ever give an F to anyone that shows they actually read the book.
Mary Wilshire
Ralph Reese
Another Kinetic Kids feature with a strip on two pages that were supposed to be turned back and forth fast to simulate animation.
Sequel by Paul Kirchner to the previous article Marvel Superheroes That Didn't Make It. They used a lot of Wally Wood assistants like him and Reese in the magazine, probably because editor Larry Hama was one.
Parody of Lou Grant
I don't know if this was a parody of something. Crazy did a lot of pieces where they seemed to think child abuse was funny. Maybe a lot of contributors were abused.

The art is by Marie Severin.

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