Monday, September 9, 2013

CRAZY #65: Creatures In the Volcano

This was actually the 65th issue and not the 66th of Crazy from August 1980.  photo 9-9-1_zpsc2c5bc1a.jpg Parody of The Black Hole  photo 9-9-2_zps88787aaf.jpg  photo 9-9-3_zps60809dc9.jpg In addition to different recurring features under their facelift to tie in with the Marvel Universe, occasionally they would reprint a story from their earlier incarnation, Atlas comics, and re-letter it What's Up, Tiger Lily-style like in this story from Journey Into Mystery #51 by Jack Kirby and Wally Wood.  photo 9-9-4_zpsc396ca0c.jpg  photo 9-9-5_zpsdf8dca9a.jpg  photo 9-9-6_zpsc4a3288d.jpg  photo 9-9-7_zpsfa3d8772.jpg  photo 9-9-8_zps659de47e.jpg For comparison, here was the original story.  photo 9-9-9_zps164023bd.jpg  photo 9-9-10_zps6ab1ecd0.jpg  photo 9-9-11_zpsbfb10a79.jpg  photo 9-9-12_zpsd1f6ef20.jpg  photo 9-9-13_zpsa8cf3a1a.jpg This illustration was done by X-Men co-creator Dave Cockrum, My guess is this is just a sketch they had laying around the office.  photo 9-9-14_zpsd21f5d64.jpg Back cover by Mike Royer  photo 9-9-16_zps84463c49.jpg

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