Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cracked's Top 100 Laughs

When Michael Delle-Femine a/k/a Mort Todd took over as editor of Cracked in the mid 80's, he brought in a lot of cartoonists he knew like Daniel Clowes, Peter Bagge, Bob Fingerman, among many others, and even lured Don Martin from Mad. He also took advantage of their vast inventory from the beginning of the magazine, and with his knowledge of comics history used a lot of material for special editions that had never been reprinted before.

This issue of Cracked Collectors' Edition #78 from April 1989 reprints their “Top 100 Laughs”, a collection of their best one-pagers, or articles that could be condensed into one page. Cover by John Severin, taken from a famous Charles Addams gag, was the cover of Cracked #67 in March 1968.

Photobucket By Howard Nostrand, from back cover of #167, March 1980. Photobucket From #114, January 1974.

Jerry DeFuccio was a long-time editor of Mad. Photobucket By Jack Davis from #11, October 1959 Photobucket This was initially in King-Sized Cracked #5, 1971. Photobucket This next page by Bill Ward from Cracked #36 can be found here.

This comic byVic Martin was in #77, July 1969. Photobucket From #20, July 1961. Photobucket Hunt's parody from #49, January 1966. Photobucket Reprinted from #12, January 1960. Photobucket Partial reprint from #17, December 1960. Photobucket From #105, November 1972, by Don Orehek. Photobucket From #20. Photobucket From #84, May 1970. Photobucket From #104, October 1972. Photobucket LePoer is John Severin's francising of his middle name “Powers”. Reprinted from #4, September 1958 Photobucket By Jerry Kirschen in #16, October 1960. The puckered mouth has taken the place of the traditional “Plop” of one falling over backwards upon hearing the punchline. Photobucket From #71, September 1968 Photobucket From #55, September 1966. Photobucket From #70, August 1968 Photobucket

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