Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Now here's some of Cracked from April 1967.

Here's a rare occasion where the cover's not by John Severin. This time it's by John Duillo.

“What's up front?”, the contents page asks, then they answer themselves:

For our next sensational act, we proudly present SYLVESTER P. SMYTHE and his cage of cunning, snarling cats. The lions and tigers are so savage, they can even rip the New York City Telephone Directory apart! For many years, Sylvester has dreamed of becoming a lion tamer. He started of small; training fleas and chickens He gradually worked his way up to parakeets and large puppy dogs. And now his day for the big test, THE HOUR OF TRUTH, has arrived! Use the chair, Sylvester! Use the chair! Ooops! The tiger has just broken the chair, and is using it for a toothpick!

I always wondered it his name was pronounced “Smith” or “Smīth”. Photobucket inside front cover Photobucket This AT&T parody ad was by Vic Martin. Photobucket Photobucket Then is The Swinger Set, a series of movie stills with cations like the inside front cover.

I'm not sure who drew this two-pager. Photobucket Photobucket Article illustrated by Osvaldo Laino is reprinted from Cracked #21. Photobucket Monsters In the News by John Severin.

The obligatory comics spoof written by George Gladir and drawn by Bill Hoest. Photobucket Before this is another Severin article, If Picture Postcards Told the Truth, followed by this Vic Martin centerfold. Photobucket Laurel and Hardy's Wacky World of Fun was another photo caption feature, before this.

Gag cartoons from Oscar Blotta, not to be confused with his son, another Crackedcontributor Oskar Blotta. Photobucket Room 5-C Is signed “Sigbjörn”, but is actually Severin again, then a photo caption feature, Four Smiles Only.

I don't know why the punchline was upside-down, but I flipped it because I know you can't turn your screen upside-down. Photobucket The Hottest Questions in Basketball by Bill Ward also has panels upside-down for some reason.

From If Colleges Advertised. Photobucket Even though it's signed “Arthur Knockwurst”, it's actually by Charles Rodrigues. Photobucket The back cover is some window stickers.

Next Wednesday: Cracked #69.

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