Friday, November 23, 2012

More assorted gags (the kind men like)

From After Hours number 4 Photobucket From Bachelor volume 4, number 5 Photobucket This is from Knight January 1963 Photobucket From Gallery #2 Photobucket From Cavalier, June 1964 by Lee Lorenz
From that same issue of Cavalier, by J. B. Handelsman Photobucket This and the next cartoon are also from that issue. This one's by Edward Frascino.
Photobucket From Eve, September 1962 Photobucket These two by Bill Ward are also from that issue of Eve Photobucket Photobucket This cartoon by Malcolm “Mal” Hancock is from the same issue of Gallery Photobucket As is this by “Shell Fisher?” Photobucket

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  1. Shell Fisher it is!