Sunday, November 4, 2012

Crazy #6

Another issue of Crazy (August 1974), another cover by Kelly Freas. Photobucket The inside front cover was this Lady Clairol parody from Stu Schwartzberg and Michele Wolfman. The editorial said of her:

MICHELE WOLFMAN, CRAZY's fearsome photographer, is a master of taking sun-pictures. She buys a special piece of paper and holds it up to the sun and then puts it on whatever she wants to photograph. And, lo and behold, the image rises to the surface like...magic. Wow! Photobucket This parody of The Exorcist by Marv Wolfman and Vance Rodewalt has the same name as Mad's parody. Oh well, it's not like they got together to consult each other. Photobucket At this time, they were known for their one-page parodies. This one by Tony Isabella and Robert Graysmith parodies the brief time the stars of The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour divorced and each had their own shows briefly. Photobucket Next their answer to Don Martin from John Stevens Photobucket Poli-Tickles spoofed the news and politicians of the day, here mashing up Broom Hilda and Bella Abzug. Photobucket Another commercial parody of Euell Gibbons' Grape Nuts campaign from Roy and Jean Thomas & Vic Martin. Photobucket Another one-page movie, this time spoofing Sleeper. Photobucket This was from their parody of the Man, Myth, and Magic books by Steve Gerber and Marie Severin , who was also the art editor. The Who's Who at the beginning explains what that entails:

As everyone knows, to edit means to cut, splice, delete, etc. What Marie does is take the finished art that one of the many CRAZY artists does and then cuts it into small pieces, deletes some of the panels, and then splices them together in no particular order. Photobucket Then they featured the recurring feature Crazy's Craziest Radio Show and Bob Foster's Mooses Through History, which I showed in the last Crazy serialization.

Then a parody of Papillon. Photobucket They had something here called The Ultimate Quiz Show by Paul Lewis and Marie Severin, which supposedly had contestants which were about to die.

And finishing up their one-page parodies, here's Toma. Photobucket This fumetti is by Bill Skurski. He's written up in front:

There's BILL SKURSKI and his infamous hordes at CLOUD STUDIOS, a conglomerate of irate jugglers working out of Newark, New Jersey, who, during daylight hours, pose as the ""King Family, but at night they strip off their outer clothing and appear as the Midnight Streaker. Bill put together the mass confusion we tenderly call “Repossessed”. For those of you who want to meet Bill in person, you can't, he comes only video-taped. Photobucket Their version of the American Graffiti poster, which was drawn by Mad artist Mort Drucker. Photobucket

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