Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cracked #1

This isn't exactly the first issue of Cracked. I got it from Cracked Collectors' Edition #70 published in April 1987, which doesn't feature the whole issue. Some of it is from other issues around that time. My guess as to why is that there were topical references most readers wouldn't get. Most of it (from March 1958) is featured, though.

Here's the cover by Bill Everett following the first rule of humor magazines—fill the page with as many things going on as possible. Somewhere is the original mascot Sylvester P. Smythe and their co-mascot Veronica that appeared in the first few issues. Photobucket This Shut-Ups installment on the inside front cover by Bill Ward is actually from the second issue of Cracked. Photobucket This subscription ad by John Severin has the newer address and prices for the magazine. The original concept was because the magazine was called Cracked, the magazine had cracks everywhere which Sylvester P. Smythe was always trying to fix. Photobucket When Mad was doing movie and parodies that were “A Look At” or parodies of a type of movie, Cracked was doing the full parodies Mad was eventually most famous for, like this parody of Gunsmoke by Russ Heath Photobucket After that is How to Build a Hot Hot Rod

Now the first spoof to be drawn by John Severin, of The $64,000 Question Photobucket From back when comic strips were still big enough to parody. Photobucket Their first interview, by Russ Heath, with Mike Wallace interviewing Jayne Mansfield Photobucket Then there's a profile of “Chef of the Month” by John Severin

This piece by Don Orehek was several pages, but only the first one is reprinted in this special. Photobucket Another Severin-illustrated article, “How I'll Beat the Champ”

Cracked Brings You Greetings, by Bill Everett Photobucket Your Christmas Shopping Guide by Severin again.

Shakespeare, the Bard Who Wrote by the Yard by Joe Maneely

It says Al Williamson is credited as doing something for them, the only thing he ever did for them, but I can't figure out what, unless it was this. Photobucket Next is a one-pager drawn by Bill Ward, which is actually from Cracked #2. Photobucket Wacky Inventions, by Joe Sinnott, is from Zany #2. Photobucket The parody of Bridge on the River Kwai is also from the second issue of Cracked Photobucket As is this spoof of American Bandstand. Photobucket Next week: Cracked #5.

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