Monday, August 27, 2012

College Humor, 1 of 2

I have another collection of jokes and cartoons from college humor magazines, called appropriately enough, College Humor in 1956. Photobucket

From the foreword to the book:

Madness from Alma Mater—

In the twenties they wore raccoon coats and rode in rumble seats...

In the thirties they swallowed live goldfish and snarled the campuses with conga lines...

In the forties they ran amuck with panty-raids...

AND NOW—everybody look out—they are up to their ears in humor magazines—and there's nothing crazier than the collegiate chortle. So here, for your wild amusement, is COLLEGE HUMOR, a magna cum laughter collection of wit and halfwit from the best of campus funny books.

From the Oregon State College Beaver Dam Photobucket University of California Pelican Photobucket Michigan State College Spartan Photobucket Stanford Chaparral Photobucket Then there's a cartoon that was in the collection Sex Is Better In College I already posted last month.

Iowa State College Green Gander Photobucket University of Cincinnati Profile Photobucket Syracuse University Syracusan Photobucket Cincinnati Profile Photobucket California Pelican Photobucket Harvard Lampoon Photobucket The rest of the cartoons from this book next Monday.

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