Monday, July 23, 2012

Sex in General

More cartoons from what was then the best of college humor magazines, compiled in the book Sex Is Better in College from 1957. This was the name of the chapter that featured these cartoons.

Miami University Tomahawk Photobucket Florida State Smoke Signals Photobucket Octopus, not sure of the college. They didn't do a good job of mentioning everyone in their acknowledgements. Photobucket From something called Saziru. Photobucket Occidental College Fang. I don't know if the Paul Wenzel who did this was any relation to Bill or Al Wenzel. Photobucket Photobucket Dartmouth College Dart Photobucket Harvard Lampoon Photobucket University of Kansas Squat Photobucket Stevens Institute of Technology Events.

I'll bet this was plagiarized. Photobucket It doesn't say where this is from. Photobucket Princeton Tiger Photobucket Occidental Fang Photobucket More college humor magazine cartoons next Monday.

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