Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ffolkes for Punch Photobucket Quentin Blake for Dial Press Photobucket Jules Feiffer had a weekly strip in The Village Voice which this is from.

In the introduction to the book is written: ”Feiffer has a keen eye on the relationship between the sexes and on what is really eating people—alienation. He delves into the core of this modern dilemma, unmasks much of the psychoanalytical jargon that people parrot—and that is supposed to illuminate their dilemma—and point out that their path through life is actually the thing that gets in their way.” Photobucket Jean-Pierre Aldebert for Paris Match Photobucket Terence Parkes in Punch. Photobucket Michael Ffolkes Photobucket Jules Stauber for Nebelspalter Photobucket John Glashan Photobucket As editor John Bailey said in the introduction to the book:

Bosc gets down to deep, basic, primitive urges of man in the raw and in his feelings about the battle of life”

The French of Bosc's cartoons are not translated, but they still make sense regardless. Photobucket This is similar to a joke in Mad #144, July 1971. Photobucket Vahan Shirvanian, Photobucket John Glashan for Dial Press Photobucket Chon Day Photobucket Pierre Bellocq Photobucket More from the book next Thursday.

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