Saturday, April 14, 2012

pages 115-120

By now you probably know about Tom Hart outing himself with the Shit My New Yorker Tumblr blog (It's a play on the “Shit my [xxx] Says” même. He forgot a word but I'll just assume there was no room) dissecting their cartoons each week and how they've gone downhill since the days of Peter Arno, James Thurber, Charles Addams, etc. I'm glad he outed himself since it was hard to keep my mouth shut and some people were accusing me.

I see what he means. Some of the new cartoonists are friends of mine and I often try to submit myself, but will have to admit the magazine in its glory days are long over. I think part of that fact has to do with there not being any competition. We no longer have Saturday Evening Post, National Lampoon, Collier's, Look, True, or even any of the Humorama publications. There are barely any general interest magazines anymore, only niche ones. The general interest magazines that do exist, or even many skin ones, don't even have cartoons anymore. Even things like Playboy and Penthouse are starting to get rid of the articles that were the clichéd excuse for owning the magazines.

Esquire was one such magazine that had full-page cartoons every month rivaling The New Yorker. Even as a magazine meant for men, they had female cartoonists at a time when they were barely in the workforce.

They published a 25th Anniversary Album that I've been reprinting every Saturday. Here are a few pages from it now.

Howard Baer Photobucket Richard Taylor's cartoons can also be found here,here, and here. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Robert Holley seemed to be Esquire's “chicken guy”. Another cartoon he did for them is here. Photobucket E. Simms Campbell Photobucket Eldon Dedini Photobucket Photobucket Barney Tobey Photobucket Franko Maraz Photobucket Barbara Shermund Photobucket E. Simms Campbell Photobucket Howard Baer Photobucket

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  1. I admit, a part of me was waiting for you to confess. Shows how much I know! But way to go Tom!