Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Deutsch MAD VI

Here's another issue of The Most Reasonable Magazine In the World

This time it's #239, sometime around 1989, the cover story is animal testing. Photobucket Their Almanac, which is in color and always on the first page, always has The Mad Culture Test in the lower left corner. The answer here is Bloodhounds of Broadway, a film made in 1952, but here they're probably referring to the 1989 remake. Photobucket Small but Insightful Features, Where You Realize That You Want To Get Rid of Your Parents Photobucket Photobucket This Spy vs. Spy doesn't seem to be in any of the collections, and I can't tell who did it because there's no signature. Photobucket How Nice That the World Is So Helpful appears to be trying to imitate the style of Paul Coker, Jr. Photobucket The staff of Mad has said that nobody else can do a Fold-In except Al Jaffee, but that hasn't stopped anyone from trying. Photobucket Photobucket I can't tell if this is actually Don Martin or not. It is original for this version but more closer than other attempts at imitating American artists. Photobucket The last of the German Mads next Wednesday.

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