Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deutsches MAD 4

Here are some excerpts from #170 of the German edition of Mad, circa 1983.

Shitparade means exactly that.

Again, I should thank Mike Sullivan for many of the foreign issues of MAD I've been posing. Photobucket The Mad Guide to the Anatomy of the Human Body Based On the Comics from #236, January 1983, is the cover story here instead of E.T.. Like with many foreign translations of Mad articles, there are a few changes to conform to the references of that country. They kept some of the characters even though they're not mentioned used in the translation of the article itself. Photobucket Photobucket Dennis the Menace was added for some reason. Donald Duck characters, although American, are for all intents and purposes foreign, since they are more popular abroad and new stories continue to be made there. Hägar the Horrible is pretty popular there too. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Momma and the Wizard of Id characters were replaced even though they're on the cover of the article. And they were replaced by Snoopy and Broom Hilda, who are also American. Photobucket Photobucket They have The Hulk over there but I guess he's not as popular as Superman, Asterix, or whoever this vampire is. Photobucket Photobucket You Can Be So Naive Photobucket Photobucket School Utensils from the Childhoods of Famous People. Photobucket The Bremen Town Musicians Photobucket

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