Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Svenska MAD

Here are some example of the Swedish edition of Mad. Thanks again to Michael Sullivan and to Simon Gardenfors, an editor I worked with for the anthology MegaPyton and was also an editor for their most recent incarnation of Mad.

I believe they're some kind of royalty or politicians. Photobucket Translation of Don Martin Beats the High Cost of Living from #180, January 1976. Photobucket Foreign editions of Mad have inserts. This board game, the game of Residential Living was in the center. Photobucket Instructions for “How to Play” Photobucket The back cover has gags about signs you would see on vacation. Photobucket If anyone has any idea what's going on the cover of this “Cool Phantom” issue, let me know. Photobucket Parodying the comics seems more prevalent in other countries. Before the movie (which people have forgotten already), Tintin was known everywhere but the United States. Photobucket The Phantom, although a U.S. Creation, is more popular abroad than here. Photobucket I've been told this is a parody of a strip called Asa-Nisse. Photobucket Lucky Luke is another character very popular in Europe. Photobucket Variations on the famous “paint oneself into a corner” gag in “Keep the Paint”, a pun on “Hallway Paint” Photobucket


  1. The Tintin parody looks really well done.

  2. About the "Cool phantom issue": I think it's a strange paraphrase of the classic Superman phone booth scene. The first three persons are classic Swedish comic characters. Kronblom, Åsa-Nisse and 91:an. Then it is Prince Valiant, Beetle Bailey(?), Fred Flintstone and Obelix. They're walking into the phone booth dressed in "civil" clothing and when they get out they have their real clothes but the head of Alfred E. Neuman.

  3. The first cover is from the wedding between the Swedish king and queen in 1976. The bridesmaids are the king and the queen. The queen is reading "Swedish lady's magazine", "Svensk damtidning", but they changed the logo from "DAM" to "MAD".