Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Now don't YOU tell me to keep my head down!"

Not much info I could find about Rodney deSarro, except that besides that he lived 1908-1988, also did a comics feature called The Thorndykes, and did work on some Walter T. Foster books. Photobucket Ned Hilton

Born 1904, Alhambra, California. Died, NYC, August, 1967. According to his obit in the New York Times, Hilton was a cartoonist since age 14 when the San Francisco Chronicle began running his work.Hilton's work appeared in Esquire, Life, Look and The New Yorker Photobucket E. Simms Campbell Photobucket Ronald Coe. No biographical information I know of. Photobucket Alexandre Steel Graham Photobucket I can't find any information on Susi Steinitz either. Perhaps she was also fine artist Susi Steinitz Ettinger? Photobucket Barbara Shermund Photobucket Rodney deSarro Photobucket I can't make out the signature here. Photobucket Herbert Leupin Photobucket Howard Baer Photobucket Jay Irving Photobucket George Shellhase

Born, Philadelphia, 1885; Lived for many years in Greenwich, Connecticut. Died, age 93, in a nursing home, Ocean Ridge, Florida, December 1988. His New York Times obit reads, in part: Shellhase "briefly attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and The Art Students League in New York. His affectionate and gently comic illustrations of American life appeared in publications like The Saturday Evening Post, Collier's, The New Yorker and The New York Times." Photobucket

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